Financial Planning for Dentists

Whether you're a dentist about to start your own dental practice or you’re considering joining up with another dentist (or practice), you might be wondering about the most financially prudent path forward. After all, launching a dental business can be an expensive...

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Improving Your Financial Health is Not Very Hard

Some folks think financial planning is very difficult. While certain aspects are hard, such as constructing the right asset allocation to meet your goals, the basic concepts are not. One approach to organizing your finances is the KISS rule: “Keep it Simple, Stupid.”...

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Charitable Giving: Good for Your Heart and Your 1040!

It may be better to give than to receive, but it may be even better to give and see your generosity rewarded. Charitable giving can play a valuable role in your financial and tax strategies. A well-planned gift to charity could provide an income tax deduction and a...

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3 High-Net Retirement Savings Mistakes You Want to Avoid

When it comes to retirement savings, the goal is quite simple for most. To accumulate as much wealth as possible so that they are able to retire in comfort and style, while they enjoy the fruits of years of labor. For those with a high-net-worth, being able to...

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