Financial Planning Tips for Small Business Owners

When you’re a small business owner, you need to pay extra careful attention to both your business and personal finances. Your financial planning strategies should simultaneously encourage the success of your business while also working towards safeguarding your personal finances. To pursue that balance, check out these tips.

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Entrepreneurship and Financial Risk: What You Need to Know

Entrepreneurs tend to be natural risk-takers but this doesn’t mean committing to uncompensated risk. A wise entrepreneur considers their potential exposure before leaping into a new business venture, moving forward only on those opportunities that present enough potential upside to make the risks worthwhile. Below, we discuss some financial risks an entrepreneur may face and how they may be mitigated.

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Business Forum: The Personal Side of Your Business

Once upon a time there was a thriving business developed by an energetic, creative entrepreneur. He passed his business knowledge and enthusiasm on to his son, who continued to tend it well and even made it grow. The son grew older and his children—two sons and a...

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Business Forum: Keeping Your Business High and Dry

Most businesses thrive on the ingenuity and dynamism of a few key people. In order to retain their best employees, business owners often devise attractive benefit packages that make it harder for the competition to lure away key employees. Unfortunately though, even the best benefit packages cannot protect a small business from the sudden death of a key person. Imagine what a severe impact such an event could have on the future of your business.

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