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Wealth Management System – Our Process

Here at James Hendries Wealth Management financial, we have a unique way of managing your money. Jim uses the proprietary software technology of “Wealth Management System” through E-Money to consolidate, securely store, see real-time balances, and run reports for all your investments, loans, and financial accounts.


4-Step Investment Management Process

1. Find the Trend– We determine the health of the market overall, and determine what sectors and asset classes are leading the trend

2. Determine the Tools– We monitor an eclectic group of best-in-class, non-proprietary investment vehicles that best fit the trend and your goals.

3. Test the Method– We utilize proven, long-term models to maximize our disciplined buy and sell strategy

4. Track and Monitor– We monitor large, institutional trading activity (“The Big Boys”) to enhance the investment entry and exit decision process.

Tactical Portfolio Management Vs. Buy and Hold

Midyear Outlook 2017 | A Shift In Market Control

Our Capabilities

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